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Tangled restroom refurbishment – with new Rapunzel-hair toilet paper!

Rapunzel's really on a roll!

They’ll probably need to drop the “bring back what once was mine” lyric from that song.

ORLANDO, FL — Walt Disney World has announced a new sponsor and brief refurbishment at the Tangled area restrooms. Upon re-opening, guests will find a “plussed” version of paper towel and toilet paper dispensers that dispense a product themed to Rapunzel’s hair. Disney officials have not released any details, but an anonymous custodian, [Ed.: Remove this part, but it was Frank from Ocala, FL again] who is not authorized to speak to media, stated that this is the softest, best-smelling paper he has ever used. He did caution that just like in the movie, you can tell when it’s lost its magical properties because it turns brown. He offered a demonstration, but we quickly declined.

The Walt Disney World marketing team is planning a large campaign around this new change, including television commercials, guest spots on talk shows, a huge social media blitz, and even a cartoon short where Pascal and Maximus have zany adventures trying to get some of the new paper unstuck from one of Maximum’s horse shoes. Look for the new ‘Tangled Restrooms – Sponsored by ultra, Ultra, ULTRA Soft Charmin’ to open soon.

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