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News Brief: Hall of Presidents closed for Presidents Day?

News Brief: Hall of Presidents

The one day of the year people actually plan to visit the attraction, and it was shut down.

WALT DISNEY WORLD — Magic Kingdom guests were surprised yesterday to find the Hall of Presidents closed for President’s Day. The theater show features a short film and audio-animatronic figures of all 44 American Presidents, who each give speeches about their accomplishments and why they should not be voted out of the attraction. While the new competitive reality show format has increased attendance, most guests do not plan on visiting the attraction, but instead use it to fill holes in their touring schedules, pass time until the next The Muppets Present show, or simply to cool off from the hot Florida sun.

The one exception has been Presidents Day, when in the past every showing has been filled to capacity. However, the attraction was closed yesterday. A sign at the entrance to the Hall of Presidents explained that the day was a federal holiday, and by executive order, the attraction was required to close. Uncle Walt’s Insider will report if the attraction is closed at the next federal holiday (Andrew Jackson’s birthday on March 15).