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Be Our Guest’s new Dungeon Room opens in May

Entrance to the Be Our Guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom. Inset photo by HarshLight [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

It’s cold, dark, and you’ll be locked in there forever. But the food is good!

WALT DISNEY WORLD — Construction is almost complete on additional seating for the Magic Kingdom Park’s Be Our Guest restaurant! As reported here in November, the popular Beauty and the Beast-themed eatery, built to appear as if it were inside Beast’s castle, often must be booked months in advance. The current three dining rooms — the Grand Ballroom, the Castle Gallery, and the mysterious West Wing — will be joined next month by another room inspired by the movie’s castle: the Dungeon.

The new Dungeon room will feature tables arranged in cells behind actual locking bars, and the room will be kept dark, cold and damp. Food will be served through a slot in the bars. And like Belle and her father, the cell’s previous occupants will not be “released” back into the park unless newly arriving guests pledge to stay there for the remainder of their lives.

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Inset photo by HarshLight [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons..