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Mission: Space introduces new Red Team option

The new "Red Team" option for riders of Epcot's Mission: Space. Photo by Vikki Tupay (@vikkimouse321) via Instagram.

The ride takes six months, but the Disney Dining Plan is accepted.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — An Epcot ride that’s “out of this world” just added a more realistic space experience.

Mission: Space, the spaceflight training simulator, has been dividing up guests into “Orange Team” and “Green Team” queues, based on each rider’s enjoyment of vomiting. Well, now Disney has unveiled a new “Red Team” option, pictured above, which they promise will give guests the most complete space experience yet.

Put your affairs in order before riding

Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) is ecstatic about the new option.

“It’s the latest benefit of our partnership with Elon Musk,” Disney (no relation) exclaimed. “You’ll experience spaceflight just like an astronaut does. And I mean just like an astronaut! It’s so realistic, in fact, that you’ll spend six months at minimum inside the ‘simulator’ just like an astronaut going to the International Space Station!”

At press time, Disney (no relation) has not responded to our question of why she said the word “simulator” in quote marks.

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Cover photo: The new “Red Team” option for riders of Epcot’s Mission: Space. Photo by Vikki Tupay (@vikkimouse321) via Instagram.