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Can you find all the Hidden Mickey Fees?

More fees for Walt Di$ney World? Photo via Pixabay, modified.

Forget Hidden Mickeys – the new game is spotting Hidden Fees!

With the revelation over the past few weeks that the Walt Disney World Resort will begin charging resort guests for driving their cars out of the parking lot, and last week’s exposé on these pages of new hidden fees Disney is charging throughout the World, we thought, “Hey, if we’re going to be paying these anyway, why not make a game of it?”

It turns out that the clever Disney Accounting Imagineers have hidden Mickey fees all over the place! Check your resort bill — how many of them can you spot?!?

In addition to fees mentioned in the previous article, here are some others we’ve found:

  • Weather control dome maintenance fee
  • Bench license
  • Walt Disney World entrance arch appreciation fee
  • Jungle Cruise docking permit
  • Monorail fuel surcharge
  • Background music royalty fee
  • Forced perspective fee
  • Metal detector upcharge (per beep)
  • Second Dumbo fee
  • California cancer warning sticker fee (Florida residents only)
  • Excess moisture surcharge (if it rains during your visit)
  • Excess dryness surcharge (if it doesn’t)
  • Churro rental
  • Churro rental return (technically not a pay toilet)
  • 21st Century Fox acquisition fee
  • Bag check automatic gratuity (for parties of 8 or more)
  • Elevator usage surcharge (up only – no charge for gravity)
  • Chupacabra abatement fee
  • Electric Umbrella utility rate increase
  • Erasing Disney history of child actors gone bad fee
  • Iger pension contribution
  • Paying off the Tiki Room’s “new management” to leave quietly fee
  • Dapper Dan baritone supervision fee
  • Entitlement syndrome upcharge
  • Hushing up that incident with Oprah fee
  • Actually seeing animals on Kilimanjaro Safari fee
  • Donald Duck speech therapy contribution
  • Stupid question fee
  • Wizarding World wand removal fee (Epcot guests only)
  • Online park admission purchase service charge
  • In person park admission purchase service charge
  • Olaf refrigeration fee
  • Spotted something painted in Go Away Green fee (usually just abbreviated “greens fee”)
  • Watch fireworks from outside a park fee
  • Jungle Cruise docking permit
  • Noticed we’d already listed that last one fee (sorry)
  • STOLPort revitalization fund
  • Overhearing tour guide charge
  • Spotted a celebrity fee
  • Didn’t spot a celebrity fee
  • Are a celebrity fee (we get this all the time)
  • Ride evacuation/backstage viewing privilege fee
  • Guest recovery/special attention fee
  • Complaining about fees fee
  • Hidden fee avoidance fee

These are the ones we’ve spotted! How about you? Have you encountered these or any other unexpected fees while visiting The Most Magically Expensive Place on Earth?

Let us know about your fee experiences in the comments below!

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Photo via Pixabay, modified. There is a fee for looking at it.