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Disney reroutes exit roads to return to WDW

WDW "return routing" construction. Photo courtesy blogmickey.com.

Guests will be “more than encouraged” to stay a little longer.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — “Here in Florida, we have something special that we never enjoyed at Disneyland: the blessing of size,” Walt Disney said. With today’s news, he might have added, “… and the blessing of absolutely controlling our guests and their spending.”

An anonymous source inside the Walt Disney Company [Ed.: Hi, Fred!] admitted today that the extensive road work at the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa includes “return routing.” This “return routing” will make it “more likely than not that a guest will get confused when trying to leave the property.” The guests will be routed to another location on-property where they can “continue their vacation and, not coincidentally, spend more.”


Uncle Walt’s Insider revealed last week that Disney now knows when their guests have more money to spend. Fred Our source tells us that the roadways will have adaptive signage, able to change in real time and route specific vehicles different directions. With these technologies combined, Disney will now have the ability to keep guests with money on property.

“Obviously, this will only work with guests driving their own vehicles,” says Fred our source. “Charter tour companies, limos, taxis, most of them will figure out the system pretty quickly and ignore it. Plus people using Google Maps or other navigation apps — at least until Disney buys them out.”

What about guests using Disney’s Magical Express to return to the airport? “Oh, no need for the return routing there. We just have the bus ‘forget’ to pick them up. We’ve been doing that already.”

Has Disney gone too far? Or would you welcome involuntarily extending your vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo of WDW “return routing” construction courtesy blogmickey.com.