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True Tales of Stupid Guests: Episode 2

True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks.

“True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks” is an ongoing series, where we share believable stories of park guests’ unbelievable stupidity.

FROM STUPID GUEST TRICKS — is a website founded to provide Disney Cast Members and other theme park employees a place to vent about some of the idiots they’ve dealt with. Most Cast Members will tell you that 99% of the guests they deal with are wonderful, but there’s always that 1% that lead to aggravation — and some pretty funny stories.

Now that Uncle Walt’s Insider has completed its hostile takeover of Stupid Guest Tricks, we can bring you some of our favorite stories that have been collected there over the years. Click here for Part 1.

In Part 2, we share some stories from long-suffering Cast Members at Disneyland in California:

New map technology?

Every single day I hear someone complain that their map, the cheap paper one they pick up at the front gate and carry around with them all day, does not have a “You are here” symbol on it. Sure, we put GPS trackers on all of our crappy paper maps so you can always know where you are no matter where in the park you go.

– Kathryn F.

Sure, let me just get you that refund out of my own pocket…

The other day, this 30ish-year-old man came up to me [working as a cashier at River Belle Terrace] and asked where the Tiki Room was. So I told him, and added that it was in the process of being spruced up and whatnot.

He laughed sarcastically and shook his head. “This is the second thing I’ve seen today that’s CLOSED. This does not make me happy!” I explained that refurbishments have to be done (preserving the magic was obviously not going to work for this guy) and no matter when they’d go down, someone somewhere was going to be disappointed.

The guy huffed and said, “I paid $100 for me and my wife to get in, and everything’s closed!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!”

I told him that if he wanted to speak to someone about it, he should go to City Hall on Main Street. “No, I’m not walking over there! I want it back NOW!”

I was kinda sitting there thinking “this guy is NUTS” and people were waiting to order behind him, but he refused to leave. “I KNOW you have enough money in there to give me my money back!” and he tapped on the cash register. The hosts behind the counter were laughing because I was making all kind of faces, so I told him once again that I couldn’t give him a refund if I wanted to and if he wanted to file a complaint, he needed to go to City Hall.

He said, “Well, I’m not moving until I get my money back.” So I said, “All right, thank you. I can help the next guest over here!” and guided the next guests around him. He walked away. Hope no one else that day had to deal with HIM.

– madhatter04

They need to install that in Florida, too

I was greeting outside Plaza Inn this afternoon. It was hot at the time, and guests were going in the front door.

One stopped by to say, “Can you turn the air conditioner on out here?”

So I looked up at the sky, nodded, and then said, “Wait until winter.”

– Purpura

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