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Feral cat named Disneyland Ambassador

Lucifer, the first feral cat named Disneyland Ambassador. Photo by Jean [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

It’s Disneyland’s first non-human Ambassador in over eight years.

ANAHEIM, CA — He’s one of the fortunate few that actually gets to live at the Disneyland Park. And now he’s been named as a Disneyland Ambassador, and will spend the next year as an “Emisssary of Goodwill” and official host of the popular park.

He’s also a cat. Lucifer, the newly appointed Disneyland Ambassador, is one of the many feral felines who call the park their home.

“A worthy successor”

Outgoing Ambassador Mikey Trujillo spoke with Uncle Walt’s Insider about the selection.

“I think Lucifer will make a great Ambassador, and is a truly worthy successor to me,” Trujillo says. “Sure, he can be kind of stand-offish at times. But what he lacks in people skills, he more than makes up in his rat-catching abilities. I never once made my daily rodent control quota as Ambassador.”

Lucifer is the first feral cat to be named a Disneyland Ambassador, but one of his fellow park residents, Ella, was named a Disney Legend earlier this year.

Are there any other animals that would make good ambassadors? Comment below!

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Cover photo of Lucifer, the first feral cat named Disneyland Ambassador, by Jean [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.