Disneyland reveals new Magic Key prices - with a blockout date surprise! - Uncle Walt's Insider

Disneyland reveals new Magic Key prices – with a blockout date surprise!

By Groot’s Hammer, what a savings!

ANAHEIM, CA — In a recent earnings call, Disney CEO and Grand Poobah Bob “Bob” Chapek had some big news that Disney fans are sure to love! While speaking about huge profits from the parks department, he said that big changes were in store – changes that guests should love!

Starting in August, guests will be able to purchase a Magic Key in one of four tiers, all at rock bottom prices!

For large values of “rock bottom”

Inspire, the brand new top tier, will be for the low, low price of $1599 per person per year! [Ed.: No, there’s no decimal point there.] Believe will go for $1099, Enchant for $699, and Imagine for $449. What an incredible bargain! (No official word yet on the rumored “Cash Cow” level at $3299 per person.)

Chapek (probably) said he was thrilled with the revenue increase and wanted to share in the joy with all of the guests, mostly locals, by announcing these new prices.

Disney also announced that, since Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays, they would block this day on all Magic Key tiers. We at Uncle Walt’s Insider can only assume that Disney will close the parks so the Cast Members can enjoy the holiday with their loved ones!

What a bargain! Are you going to get one or renew? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Of course Magic Key prices are soaring. Chapek has noticed you still have money. Photo via Pixabay, modified.