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Opinion: So-called Disney “churro scam”: right anger, wrong reason

A churro cart at Disney's California Adventure. Photo copyright 2018 Google / Street View.

What California Adventure is doing is so unjustified!

ANAHEIM, CA — Disney fan and news websites are up in arms over a new offering for annual passholders at Disney’s California Adventure. In what Disney calls the “AP Churro Challenge,” or five dollars, the passholders can purchase a map to “discover different churro carts located throughout both parks, each featuring a unique Pixar-themed specialty churro.” When the specialty churros are purchased, the vendor applies a sticker to the map. Collect all four stickers and return with the map to the AP Corner in Paradise Gardens, and the passholder will be given “a cool, commemorative surprise.”

One website, who we don’t name because they are Uncle Walt’s Insider’s arch-nemesis, describes the offering as a “churro scam.” [Ed.: Can we not name MiceChat and still link to their article without anyone figuring it out?] They say that the deal basically amounts to Disney “charging you $5 extra so you can buy 4 churros at full price . . .  all for a button that costs them just a few cents.”

Ignoring the obvious

As with certain of their contributors, this unnamed website is wrong. Yes, the deal is a problem, but not at all for the reason they described.

Do they not realize that their annual passholders are getting so, so much more than a button? For only five measly dollars, they are also getting a map to the location of churro carts!!! 

This is problematic for several reasons, not the least of which is that Uncle Walt’s has its own sideline business of supplying churro cart maps. Five dollars is such a ridiculously low price for directions to the cinnamony goodness of churros, that we foresee many fans purchasing annual passes just for the right to buy this map! And then the natural result is chaos, as the demand for churros goes up, the lines grow longer, and we are forced to wait longer to sink our teeth into the world’s very best snack.

Disney needs to walk this offer back in a hurry, or at least switch it to a snack most people don’t like and need extra incentive to buy, like cream-cheese stuffed pretzels.

Would you take out a second mortgage to buy a map to churro carts? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo of churro cart at Disney’s California Adventure copyright 2018 Google / Street View.