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Handmade chocolate hearts arriving at Disneyland

New handmade chocolate hearts at Disneyland. Image from the Edible Museum.

Forget those wimpy prostate-shaped traditional Valentines hearts!

ANAHEIM, CA — Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, the master chefs at the Disneyland Resort and Spa have found the perfect gift for your loved one [Ed.: or loved ones. We don’t judge]: handmade chocolate hearts!

These lovingly crafted chocolate hearts are the perfect follow-up to Disneyland’s popular handmade candy canes. Just as the candy canes are only available during the Christmas season — that runs from just after Easter to February 13th of the following year — these new chocolate hearts will have a limited run.

You gotta have heart

Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) spoke with Uncle Walt’s Insider about these delicious treats.

“Guests love gathering around the window of the Confectionery on Main Street to watch our chefs as they turn out tasty treats,” she told us. “Due to labor laws, especially California labor laws, the number of treats are extremely limited, as we cannot require our chefs to work long hours like their counterparts at Shanghai Disney.

“Our chefs carefully melt the delicate chocolate, using a recipe specific to the Disneyland Resort, and then gently pour the chocolate into special heart-shaped molds that were developed just for this once-a-year treat. Then our chefs, who are incredible artists, lovingly airbrush all the proper details. We want to get those colors just right!”

My heart is full

“While the hearts cool and harden, the chefs turn their attention to the filling. They start with hand-picked raspberries, strawberries, and cherries, many of them stolen from Knott’s Berry Farm. Each of these fruits is mixed separately with a top secret blend of 100% organic, natural ingredients, to form a unique mixture that coagulates when exposed to air. Then using a special injection technique, by gently squeezing each chocolate heart, the delicious mixture is actually pulled in until it is full.”

Special packaging for Disney's new chocolate hearts.

Special packaging for Disney’s new chocolate hearts.

Disney (no relation) tells us that there are four different flavors of filling. “We haven’t announced the specific flavors yet, so right now we are just calling them filling A, filling B, filling AB, and filling O.”

Don’t break my heart

“Then they are gently packaged in special containers [pictured] with ice packs to keep each chocolate heart from melting in the warm Southern California sun.”

Due to the unique ingredients, these extremely limited Chocolate Hearts are only available on February 14th during normal park hours. Consult your guide maps for times and location.

Are you ready to sink your teeth into one of these delicious hearts? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Disneyland’s new chocolate hearts. Image from the Edible Museum.