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Opinion: Stop videoing things that are already on YouTube

Disney guests videoing other guests videoing. Photo from Clifflix via YouTube.

Stunning 4K professional videos are available of every ride, show, or other attraction. So why do people feel compelled to hold their phone up instead of, you know, just watching?

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — As the showtime approached, your reporter stood in a sea of guests in front of Cinderella Castle. The air was rife with excitement, and the smell of churros. Then the lights dimmed around us and music swelled. The crowd cheered, and suddenly the night was brightened by thousands upon thousands of lights dancing before me.

No, it wasn’t the fireworks; they hadn’t started yet. Instead, it seemed every single person had to aim their phone at the castle and start videoing the show. Each one, of course, tried to hold their phone as high as possible to get a view unobstructed by other guests’ phones, which then obstructed those behind them.

Being there

What is it that compels people to record every minute of their trips? Sure, folks have been taking photographs and home movies for a long, long time. But somehow, the ability smartphones give to record nearly unlimited high-quality photos and videos has flipped some awful switch. It’s no longer enough to go some fun place and just enjoy being there. No, it has to be completely documented on video, or it “didn’t happen.”

The irony comes when you realize that while you’re videoing, you’re working — to keep the picture aimed, centered, clear, and still. You are no longer having play time and enjoying just being there in the moment.

Seriously, stop it

The need to video everything would make sense if there weren’t already videos available of what you are recording. A quick YouTube search will show that stunning 4K professional videos are available of just about every ride, show, or other attraction at every theme park anywhere in the world. There are dozens of channels dedicated to creating those videos.

Your video is not needed.

So put the phone away, stop blocking other guests, and maybe try looking at the show through your own eyeballs?

— Marty 

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Cover photo of Disney guests videoing other guests videoing, from Clifflix via YouTube. Seriously, check his channel out — his videos are amazing!