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Corporate sponsorship enables second Gateway Arch

St. Louis adds a second arch, sponsored by McDonald's. Photo by AfricanGeo [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons, modified.

McDonald’s selfless gift to the city of St. Louis also includes coloring both arches gold.

ST. LOUIS, MO — The Gateway Arch has stood for over fifty years on the banks of the Mississippi River. And now, thanks to a generous gift from the McDonald’s Corporation, it will have a twin.

“As the original arch celebrates the western expansion of the United States,” McDonald’s spokesperson Jeremy Burger (no relation) tells Uncle Walt’s Insider, “so the new arch celebrates the expansion of America’s economy through capitalist investment and opportunism.”

The new arch, under construction just south of the existing arch, will have the same shape and dimensions, but will be plated in palladium, giving it a golden hue. The McDonald’s grant will also pay for matching plating on the original arch, making a “unified double-arch soaring above the St. Louis skyline.”

What’s in a name?

There is currently no official name for the second arch, though locals have begun referring to it as the “Tasteway Arch,” a play on the name of the first arch and the ties to the restaurant company. Still others, less thrilled about the addition, have modified that nickname, to the “Tasteless Arch.”

“The McDonald’s Corporation has not suggested a name for the second arch,” Burger (no relation) says. “Frankly, we’d be happiest if there weren’t individual names for each. Why not just call them together the ‘Golden Arches’?”

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Cover photo of St. Louis’s second arch, sponsored by McDonald’s by AfricanGeo [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons, modified.