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New Six Flags owner vows to “Make Great America Great Again”

Six Flags owner John L. Ama wears his MGAGA hat. Adapted from photo by Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer/CNBC.

Greatness will only get you so far.

GURNEE, IL — The new owner of Six Flags vowed that he will “Make Great America Great Again”, in reference to the company’s flagship amusement park, Six Flags Great America.

John L. Ama, a Wauconda resident, [Ed.: No, not Wakanda. Black Panther is from Wakanda. We’re talking about Wauconda, which is a small village in Lake County, IL.] met with the media and members of the public at a hastily assembled press conference, where it appeared that Mr. Ama was standing on top of a folding table covered with red, white, and blue bunting.

“I’m John L. Ama, and I’m the new owner of Six Flags. We are going to make Great America great again! It’s already a good park, but we’re going to make it much more better! We’ve got the Great America Scenic Railway, and we’re going to make this the most scenic railway ever. You won’t believe how scenic it’ll be. And this summer, we’re going to open a brand new popcorn stand, and it’ll sell the best tasting popcorn you’ve ever had. [Ed.: We prefer churros, but thanks for trying.] We’re going to start construction on a new roller coaster. I know more about roller coasters than the folks at Intamin and B&M. I know a lot about roller coasters. It’s going to be the fastest roller coaster in the U.S.! It’s going to be huge!”

Uncle Walt’s Insider checked Securities and Exchange Commission filings and determined that Mr. Ama had actually only purchased one single share of Six Flags (NYSE: SIX) stock on April 30. We contacted Six Flags spokesperson Jun Flags (no relation), who said “While he seems to be a little ambitious about making plans for the Six Flags Great America park, Mr. Ama is welcome to attend our annual shareholders meeting. As a shareholder, he will be eligible to vote on any matters which are presented to the shareholders. Six Flags Great America will be open daily through August 26, weather permitting.”

What do you think? Could he do even more if he owned two shares? Comment below!

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Cover photo, of Six Flags owner John L. Ama wearing his MGAGA hat, adapted from photo by Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer/CNBC.