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Adventures by Disney: new “A Wrinkle in Time” Experience

More money, less time with your family! Photo by Roosewelt Pinheiro [CC BY 3.0 br] via Wikimedia Commons &

Want to get away from it all, and then get right back to it? Looking to spend as little quality time with family as possible?

CELEBRATION, FL — Adventures by Disney has quickly become the go-to organization for well-planned vacations, particularly for families who are either too wealthy for their own good or too lazy to do research and book trips on their own. After some success with longer excursions, Disney recognized that many families do not actually want to spend much time together, so they began offering shorter trips. These so-called “Long Weekend” adventures last from 4-5 days and allow families to come together and have fun, but end before the families become too close.

Continuing the trend, Adventures by Disney today announced an even shorter vacation, the “A Wrinkle in Time” Experience. This adventure takes you from the closest airport to your home to any destination you choose. Upon arrival at that destination, you will deplane and meet your Adventures by Disney Guide at the gate. They then escort you out of the secure area of the airport to the airline ticket counter, where you will check-in and return home on the same day.

Disney spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation), spoke to Uncle Walt’s Insider about this new adventure. Ms. Disney (no relation) explained, “We at Disney (the company, not my family) want our experiences to convey emotion. In this case, that emotion is disappointment. Much like A Wrinkle in Time the movie, this adventure will be expensive, give you no value or return on your investment, and leave you disappointed at the end of the day.”

Bookings for this new adventure will begin in June (no relation).

Do you plan on booking this new adventure? Did you actually see A Wrinkle in Time? Let us know in the comments below!

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