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Uncle Walt’s Insider Food Blog: Why I Love the Finding Nemo Cupcakes

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Ub from Ub’s Analysis gives his totally fresh opinion on this new cupcake!

UNCLE WALT’S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD – Have you seen the new Finding Nemo Creamsicle cupcake? All I can say is, “YUMM!”

Let’s face it. When you go to a Disney Park or Hotel and select your food, why are you selecting it? For educational purposes? Maybe back in the 80s, but this is 2020, and putting Disney characters on food is nothing new. So why not make a cupcake with a cute little frosting fish nestled in coral?

And this new offering? It really takes the cake.

The appearance

Let’s start with the oh-so-cute frosting topper. It looks exactly like Nemo! Well, at least if Nemo was a cupcake. Think about it. What would YOU look like as a cupcake? Exactly.

The frosting is super tasty — and tastes nothing like fish. In a cupcake, that’s a good thing.

Next – this thing is served fresh, fresh, fresh. When you cut through the gooey frosting and into the moist, delicate cake, you’re taken to a whole new level of appreciation for confections. It’s pure orange creamsicle and then… wonderful, fluffy cake. Just like in a real clown fish.

But do you know what really sets the decoration on this cupcake apart? It’s the skirt of coral reef around the cute little frosting fish. Without that splash of color, the topper just wouldn’t make as much sense – though with how it tastes, I would never, ever complain.

Think of the children

Your kids are going to LOVE this cupcake. Not since the great cookies made by Selma at Goofy’s Candy Company have they tasted anything so good. But that’s not all you can do with this cupcake.

You can use the coral skirt as a teaching moment with your kids to tell them how, when they go to play in the ocean, they want to not touch the coral, because that would damage it. Coral takes years to grow, and in one careless motion they can destroy part of a reef. We should take care of coral, no matter how good it tastes.

Ub, are you okay? Do you need to talk?

As you can clearly see, the Finding Nemo cupcake is one of the greatest ideas Disney has had for a new confection in years. Make sure you buy one, and encourage the Disney Imagineers to create more things like it.

Who knows? We saw the Kaadu ribs at Baatu… we just might get to try a Bambi venison steak!

Do you love the Finding Nemo cupcakes as much as Ub? Let us know in the comments below!

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