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Sleeping Beauty Castle, after non-existent "refurbishment." Photo by Tuxyso / Wikimedia Commons.

Scrims come down around Sleeping Beauty Castle; absolutely nothing changed

No new paint scheme or repairs done. Why did they hide the castle for months? DISNEYLAND, CA -- Since January of this year, Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle has been hidden behind scrims and scaffolding, apparently undergoing "refurbishment." Well, the scrims are down now, and absolutely nothing is different. "Not a thing," says Disney vlogger "Spencer." [Ed.: Not his real name. It's Jake.] "I've even gone over before-and-after hi-rez photos of the castle in a detailed comparison. It's not just the same color scheme, it's the ... Read more
Disneyland's newest IMAX movie screen. Photo by HarshLight [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Disneyland IMAX theater nears completion

The artwork is temporary, but the tarp is permanent. ANAHEIM, CA -- Officials at the Disneyland Resort and Spa confirmed today that the tarp in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle is permanent. Once the castle repairs are completed, it will become the screen for the new Disneyland IMAX Theater. The theater will host first-run movies for parkgoers, including R-rated features after the park closes. The tarp on the Fantasyland side of the castle will be removed. But officials state that the tarp may ... Read more