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Hurricane Elsa returns to work. Photo by CyclicalCore [CC BY-SA 3.0] via DeviantArt.

Elsa back at work after spending vacation as a hurricane

Hey, a lot of folks take vacations in the tropics. ARENDELLE -- Queen Elsa has officially returned to her duties after spending a week off in the Caribbean and southeast United States. "I was able to visit so many places I hadn't been before," said the Queen in a statement released by her press secretary. "I covered a lot of territory in a short time. Really, the whole trip was a whirl. "Maybe next time I'll slow down and spend time in one spot, ... Read more
Suspect Number One. Image © 2013 Disney, via FrozenZenium on YouTube.

“Polar vortex” hits; Queen Elsa on the run again

Ub swears he saw her running across Lake Michigan, freezing it as she went. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- As temperatures plunge across Canada and the U.S. midwestern states, icy fingers are beginning to point, seeking someone to blame. Some say this is a rare but natural occurrence called a polar vortex. Others blame man-made global warming climate change. But we at Uncle Walt's know the true story: yep, it's Queen Elsa again. Okay, our lawyers are making us say it's "allegedly" ... Read more