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Uncle Walt’s Insider Food Blog: Churros!

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The secrets behind another one of Disney’s best desserts!

UNCLE WALT’S H.Q., SVALBARD — Hey, everybody! Here’s the second installment of the Uncle Walt’s Insider Food Blog! X did such a great job with the first one, Uncle Walt asked me to do this one! 

Walt let me pick my favorite Disney food to review, so of course I am going to be looking at the selections of Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian, focusing on the Maple Glazed Manchester Quail with Chestnut Gnocchi… Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I’ll be talking about Churros!

Since the first UWIFB entry (or should I say entree? Ha ha ha! Food humor, get it?!) was such a huge success, I’m going to follow the same formula X did. I’m sure that’s why Uncle Walt wanted me to write this.

A Rambling Story that Doesn’t Really Go Anywhere

Now I, like most everyone else on the planet, like ice cream churros. A good stick of cinnamon-y deliciousness takes me back to when I was a young boy, and my family would vacation along the shores of Lake Michigan. There was a local Churro-monger not far away that always had excellent churros. Even back then, my favorite flavour was always Churro. And they had really good other things that are like churros. 

There was also an old guy who ran the waffle iron churro… press? to make fresh churros. Have you ever had a fresh churro? There’s nothing on Earth quite like it. And they taste even better if they’re made by an old guy, who you can just sense has done nothing but make churros for the last 30 years of his life. 

So, yes, Churros always bring me back to my childhood vacations. It’s a nostalgic feeling. I miss those days, back then, it was summertime in Western Michigan, when I had no responsibilities, except to be home by dusk, and not spill cinnamon sugar on my shirt. Back then, I wanted nothing more than to grow up and be an adult. If I could go back in time, I’d tell my younger self to not be in such a hurry to grow up, that adulting isn’t as fun as it seems.

And Churros also remind me of my grandparents. When we’d go to visit them, Grandpa would take us out in the afternoon to go get churro milkshakes, but we had to promise that we wouldn’t tell Grandma. She’d be upset if we ruined our appetite before dinner. So we’d promise, and we wouldn’t tell, but somehow Grandma would always know anyways.

Which brings me back to Disney Churros. Now when I found this recipe, I was thrilled. But the first time I made them, they just didn’t compare to what you can get in a Disney Park™. So I tweaked the recipe, and tried again. Still not quite right. A third attempt was closer still, but still not there. I tried once more, and finally, a good friend said that I should stop while I was ahead, and call it a day.

Finally, we get to the point

So, without further ado, the result of many many hours of labor, and attempts to create the perfect Disney Churro, here is the recipe.

  1. Go to your favorite local Disney Park.
  2. Find an Churro Cart
  3. Hand the nice Cast Member all the money you have
  4. Enjoy as many churros as you can afford

[Walt: Marty, come see me in my office.]

What do you think? Will you try this recipe on your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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