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Lonely World: Tips for romance at the bus stops

Note: “Lonely World” is an ongoing series featuring romance tips for single adults visiting theme park destinations on their own.

“Stan” (not his real name) visits the Walt Disney World Resort frequently. As a 32-year-old lifetime resident of Sanford, Florida, and an annual Passholder, he enjoys riding rides, splashing in the water parks, and dining at the World’s many fine restaurants. But unlike most visitors to Walt Disney World, Stan doesn’t visit with family or friends. Instead, his visits are almost always entirely by himself.

“I used to go with family,” Stan tells Uncle Walt’s Insider. “I mean, like, as a kid. But when I got into my upper twenties, mom didn’t want to take me any more. And besides, she’s usually at one of her two jobs she works. And she takes the car, so I’m stuck using public transportation. But that’s how I got the idea on meeting women at Disney bus stops.”

Yes, according to Stan, the bus stops at Walt Disney World are perfect for singles looking for romance. “You’re usually waiting there for a while, especially if it’s a busy time, like when the parks are about to open. And it’s so easy to strike up a conversation there! You just start asking where they’re from, or about the place the bus will be taking you, or what their favorite Disney memory is.”

And does he find many other singles there? “Oh, yeah, all the time. Sometimes. Well, every once in a while. And they’re usually moms with kids. Most of the time I’ll hope they are single moms, but then it turns out that dad was off getting the backpack they left in the room. But every now and then I’ll get lucky and stumble on a bachelorette party, having one last girls’ fling together before one of them gets married. That’s the motherlode, because they have marriage on their minds! You just have to figure out which one is the bride-to-be and avoid her.”

Uncle Walt’s Insider had one last question for Stan: how many dates has he gotten from encounters at Disney bus stops?

“There was this one girl who sat in the next row on the bus and kind of talked with me until we got to Epcot. I think that counts. Otherwise… none yet. But I get to talk to actual women, and that’s a step up from my everyday life! Thanks, Disney!”