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Uncle Walt’s celebrates 200th article that no one will read

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Ten months, 200 articles, and still only two regular readers!

UNCLE WALT’S H.Q. — It’s party time at the main offices of Uncle Walt’s Insider! [Ed.: Ub, I’m sure I put your invite in the mail. Be patient.] 

This is the 200th article published at UncleWalts.com! We deeply appreciate all of the support, likes, shares, retweets, swipes right, and postcards from all of our faithful readers! [Ed.: Both of you.]

To be fair, we joke about having only two regular readers, and that’s not at all true. What we mean is two regular readers besides those of us who work for Uncle Walt’s, and who are therefore contractually obligated to click, read, share, and laugh heartily and convincingly at each article. (Walt is pretty demanding that way.)

So join us as we raise a churro to Uncle Walt’s Insider’s 200th article! Here’s to 200 more, and maybe doubling our readership by then!

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