Our free gift to you! A churro ornament! Again! - Uncle Walt's Insider

Our free gift to you! A churro ornament! Again!

Our gift to you - a free Churro Christmas Tree Ornament!

A special “thank you” for your support. Exactly the same as last year’s “special thank you.”

UNCLE WALT’S INSIDER H.Q. — We here at Uncle Walt’s Insider love the holiday season, and this year we are [Ed.: again] especially grateful for you, our reader. [Ed.: By “you, our reader,” we mean the person reading this right now. We’re not suggesting that we only have one reader total. It would be pretty moronic to spend hours churning out quality theme park reporting day after day, not to mention the overhead costs associated with a website and maintaining our offices in Svalbard, for just one person. We have to have at least two regular readers to break even. Anyway, I digress.]

As a special Christmas treat to you, our reader, [Ed.: Same thing here. See the note above.] [Ed.: Sorry, I’ll stop interrupting] we present to you your very own Uncle Walt’s Insider Churro Christmas Tree Ornament!! Just print out the graphic below and follow the instructions, and you’ll have your very own special keepsake, from us to you! [Ed.: And if you did the same thing last year, now you’ll have two!]

Oh, and if you do not celebrate this particular holiday, don’t worry: this special Churro Ornament is suitable for hanging on Christmas trees of all faiths!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Uncle Walt's FREE Churro Christmas Tree Ornament - just print and cut out!

Click for full-sized image!

When you’ve hung your ornament, share a picture of it on our Facebook page or Twitter with the hashtag #ChurroTree! Who knows, if we like it, you might even be able to win some cool, limited edition UWI stuff.

*Yells across newsroom* “Hey Walt! Can we have some UWI stuff to give away?”

Walt: “Sure. I’ve got 2 staplers on my desk. Give ’em one of those. But not the red one!”

Uhh … Maybe you won’t get anything, but still share the pictures!

Did you really deep fry yours <snicker>? Let us know in the comments below!

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