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“Honorary Dapper Dan” gets Waffle House discount

The Honorary Dapper Dan card of Indiana native Gus Lozuk.

There are some perks that come with singing with the Dapper Dans.

SEYMOUR, INDIANA — For Indiana native Gus Lozuk, singing with the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet was a highlight of his 2012 trip to Florida’s Magic Kingdom Park… and the “Honorary Dapper Dan” card he received that day has brought unexpected benefits. “I was eating at the local Waffle House a few years ago and was showing a friend the card. The manager saw it, and told me that it was good for a 5% discount off of every meal I get there! I felt like a celebrity. Now I eat there three or four times a week.”

Waffle House manager Floyd Barstone shares, “Yeah, that guy. Okay, don’t tell him, but I give a 5% discount to anybody for just about any reason, especially if it keeps them coming back.”