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Pixar announces Cars / Moana crossover film

A publicity still from MoanaCars. Photo ©2018 Disney/Pixar.

The two popular (and merchandise-friendly) franchises will finally meet onscreen!

EMERYVILLE, CA — Describing it as “a comic clash of cultures,” Pixar Animation Studios announced today that production has begun on a movie that combines characters from Cars and Moana

“Everything we do at Pixar is driven by story,” said Pixar and Disney Animation President Ed Catmull. “And I can guarantee you we have a story here. Sure, right now, the story is something along the lines of, ‘what happens when our most lucrative franchises join forces?’ But we’ll polish that up into something even more compelling soon, I’m sure.”

The crossover film is set for release in May 2020.

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Cover photo, a publicity still from MoanaCars, ©2018 Disney/Pixar.