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Opinion: Hey, Babylon Bee, stay in your lane

The Babylon Bee is muscling in on our turf!

You handle the church satire, we’ll do theme parks. M’kay?

Satirical news site The Babylon Bee published an article recently titled Disneyland Unveils New Star Wars Ride That Builds Up Really High Expectations And Then Lets You Down Halfway Through. (The actual article was shorter than the headline.)

Funny stuff, but this is our corner. Go work over there.

Seriously, we at Uncle Walt’s Insider love the Bee. It and The Onion are inspirations for UWI (except for our writer X, who I don’t think realizes yet that we do satire. He’s kind of hard to read).

But we’re trying to carve out a niche here, and it makes it harder for us if you start writing really clever and funny articles about theme parks. That’s what we do! How would you like it if Uncle Walt’s started cranking out church satire? And believe me, we could! Ub writes at least a dozen Joel Osteen jokes every day before breakfast, just to warm up.

You may think this is just a transparent, whiny, and pathetic attempt to boost our readership by using your name in one of our articles. And, well, you’d be right. We dream of having just a portion of your audience someday. (Send some our way! We’ll share!)

But we’d appreciate it if you could let us have our thing over here while you do your thing over there. Or at least make your theme park articles less funny, so we look good by comparison. Don’t make us do to you what we did to Snopes[Disclaimer: they probably didn’t notice.]

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: The Babylon Bee is muscling in on our turf!