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New fun on crowded days: Where’s Waldo at the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom's newest interactive game: Where's Waldo in real life!

Disney’s latest interactive game offers a tasty prize as well.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — Disney officials have announced a new step towards increasing guest enjoyment on the Magic Kingdom’s most crowded days. No, not reducing the number of guests allowed in — that just wouldn’t be the Disney way! Instead, Where’s Waldo, the popular book series, is coming to life at Walt Disney World!

Interactive fun

“Where’s Waldo: the Interactive Experience” joins the Magic Kingdom’s three other current live games: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Where’s the Exit, and Please Can We Just Sit Down for a Minute?

In Where’s Waldo, a Cast Member will be costumed as Waldo (complete with his own Disney oval name badge in case there’s any confusion) and will mingle in the large crowds somewhere in the park. There won’t be any need for him to hide, since (as anyone who’s ever dealt with peak crowds knows) even if he’s spotted, actually getting to him will be nearly impossible!

Real rewards

Gameplay is simple: the first one hundred guests to find Waldo and physically carry him to City Hall will receive a buy one, get one free churro coupon! Mmm, churros…

Park officials are hoping that the scramble to capture Waldo and get him to Guest Services will help alleviate lines for attractions, while providing guests who love churros with some much-needed exercise.

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