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Man mistakenly sprinkled with *ferry* dust spends day in lagoon

Disney ferry with a guy sprinkled with ferry dust. Photo CC0 via Pxhere.

He was finally able to leave Seven Seas Lagoon when the dust wore off.

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — “He normally doesn’t even like swimming.”

That’s the word from Megan Boyce, 33, of Asheville, NC, after her husband Roger spent most of Friday ferrying guests back and forth across Seven Seas Lagoon — one at a time, on his back. Apparently a mislabeled container at the Magic Kingdom led to Roger being sprinkled with ferry dust, not fairy dust.

“Straight for the water”

“I didn’t see it happen,” Megan explains, “but I’m told a Cast Member tossed a handful of what he thought was fairy dust into the air on Main Street, and Roger walked right into it. I just know that, all of a sudden, Roger stops and says to me, ‘I have a job to do.’ And then he turns and marches back under the train station and out of the park. And then heads straight for the water and dives in.”

Megan had her hands full.

“All this time I’m pushing our girls in a double stroller, so I’m struggling to keep up. By the time I get to the edge of the [Ed.: Seven Seas] Lagoon, Roger is halfway across, swimming to the Transportation and Ticket Center.”

Box removed

After getting the attention of park security and First Aid personnel, Megan was advised just to let the ferry dust wear off before attempting to get Roger out of the water. In the meantime, the mislabeled box of dust was discovered and removed from the park.

“We did eventually get him out,” says Megan, “twelve hours later. He was tired, but happy.”

UPDATE: Megan notified us as the story was going to press that Roger now insists his name is “Joe Fowler.” Hopefully this is a temporary side effect.

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