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Disney character Cast Members: no costumes for Halloween!

Mickey and Minnie wave to the crowds. Photo source Depositphotos_69250695_original.jpg.

If the Disney characters you meet at the parks are real to you, do not go there today.
Or read this article.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL — Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, Consumer Products and Spas, has a special treat for certain Disney Cast Members: “You do not have to wear a costume today!”

On a day when many people around the globe celebrate Halloween by putting on costumes, there are some folks in Disney Parks and Spas who spend every day wearing costumes. In fact, during the Halloween season, the characters those beleaguered Cast Members “work with” often themselves wear costumes!

“Enough is enough”
Mickey Mouse. Photo by Marty.

Mickey Mouse. Photo by Marty.

Chapek tells Uncle Walt’s Insider, “I looked at that and said, enough is enough. What are we putting these poor Cast Members through this for? Are we truly putting ‘making magic,’ ‘show’ and guest happiness above our own employees’ well-being? Not on my watch.”

For that reason, Chapek has decreed that Cast Members who “work with” Disney characters are exempt from wearing costumes on the job today. The character meet-and-greets will still go on as scheduled, but with the Cast Members in comfortable clothes.

A different experience

So if you’re going to a Disney park today, don’t be surprised if instead of a six-foot-tall anthropomorphic mouse, your encounter with Mickey Mouse looks a lot like meeting a 4’8″ to 5’2″ normal human being striking funny poses (pictured).

Don’t worry, this is satire. Mickey is totally real. If you need therapy, comment below.

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Cover photo of Disney Cast Members from DepositPhotos. Inset photo of Mickey Mouse by Marty.