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Amazing new food offerings coming to Epcot

New Epcot food choices. Photo © 2018 Disney.

Pictured: a variety of new international entrees, appetizers and desserts coming to Epcot.

EPCOT, FL —  According to a recent survey, Walt Disney World Resort & Spa guests have grown tired of seeing the same foods year after year at Epcot. Fortunately, there’s a demand for new and delicious regional foods, and some exciting changes are coming.

Specific recipes are still in development, but Disney officials say several current food service locations are being replaced. Fortunately, the affected locations are expected to re-open before the start of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. An anonymous Disney executive who wishes to remain anonymous [Ed.: Thanks for being a loyal reader, Bob!] says these changes are necessary to bring in guests who traditionally avoid Epcot during this horribly unpopular festival.

The following unpopular locations around the World Showcase Lagoon are being replaced:
  • Mexico’s horrible Choza de Margarita will re-open as Choza de Churro.
  • Norway’s Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe will re-open as Churro Bakeri Og Kafe.
  • China’s 茶的喜悅 will re-open as 西班牙油條的喜悅.
  • Germany’s Weinkeller will re-open as Churrokeller.
  • The American Adventure will offer a cinnamon-sugar flavored funnel cake inspired by the Churro. No name changes are coming, ’cause ‘Merica.
  • Japan’s 歌舞伎カフェ will re-open as チュロカフェ.
  • France’s Crepes des Chefs de France will re-open as Churros des Chefs de France.
  • The UK, Canada, and Italian pavilions are still being worked out. The King of Morocco has not authorized any changes. Moroccan insiders tell us that the King is in denial about how much better the churro is than baklava.

Keep checking back for other exciting changes coming to Epcot’s boring and been-there-done-that food and beverage experiences!

Tell us how much you love churros. Go ahead. Just tell us in the comments below! Come on, say it. Churro.

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Cover photo: a variety of new international entrees, appetizers and desserts coming to Epcot, which we already said at the top of the article if you’d just pay attention. Photo © 2018 Disney.