Universal announces "IT - A Christmas Extravaganza" to compete with Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas - Uncle Walt's Insider

Universal announces “IT – A Christmas Extravaganza” to compete with Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood

The competition between Universal and Disney is heating up this holiday season!

Disney’s California Adventure has announced a new offerings in Cars Land. This brand new spooky theme will feature your favorite characters from the hit Disney/Pixar movie, Cars, dressed up in their favorite costumes for Halloween. Over at Disneyland Park, the much loved Haunted Mansion Holidays is coming back! This features the entire Haunted Mansion re-themed to the cult classic, Nightmare Before Christmas.

In an effort not to be outdone, Universal has announced it has inked a deal to bring Pennywise and his signature red balloons to Universal Hollywood! Universal spokesman Bob Gray spoke with Uncle Walt’s Insider via telegraph and had this to say, “We’re not looking to change just one attraction, or even one area of the park. We’re going for a complete transformation. You’ll enjoy Pennywise and all of his fun antics starting when you park your car, eating lunch at Mel’s Diner, or enjoying some of our award winning rides and attractions. This is fun for all ages, especially children!”

Uncle Walt’s Insider reached out to Disney Parks and Resorts spokeswoman, Brandee Nazario, for a response. We were first met with silence, then it sounded like muffled laughter, some shouting in the background followed by even more muffled laughter. Ms. Nazario came back on the phone and said, “Disney welcomes, no, encourages Universal to move forward with their plans!”

In an effort to cover all southern California theme parks, Uncle Walt’s Insider reached out to Knott’s Berry Farm. No one would return our calls, so we dialed random extensions until someone would talk to us.  That person, who wishes to remain anonymous, just stated they should probably expand the Boothill Cemetery. Uncle Walt’s Insider was unable to reach anyone at Six Flags Magic Mountain for comment, and the person who answered the phone at SeaWorld just asked us to quit trolling them.

We wondered what the average Joe would have to say, so we picked the most average spot we could find. After roaming Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, we came across 70 year old Richard Bachman. He thought long and hard, and finally opened up saying, “I think that this is probably the greatest idea that Universal has ever had in the history of theme parks.” He paused to take a long drink from a bottle of Dom Perignon. Mr. Bachman then continued, “I can only imagine the royalties that will get paid out. Oh yes, those sweet, sweet royalties.” And with a smile on his face and a bit of swagger to his walk, Mr. Bachman headed toward Sunset.