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Disneyland light bulb comes out as “bi-chromal, color-fluid”

Color-fluid light bulb at Disneyland. Photo by Marty; used without permission.

“All of my life, I’ve known I was different.”

DISNEYLAND, CA — Clem,* a light bulb on the exterior of the Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner on Disneyland’s Main Street USA, has publicly embraced his unique identity. He “came out” this past week as color fluid.

“For all of my life,” Clem tells Uncle Walt’s Insider, “I’ve known I was different. All of the other light bulbs seem so confident of their color and purpose, but I’ve felt like a misfit.”

Playing the game

“Oh, sure,” he continued, “I could pretend I was just like the other light bulbs. Some of my friends saw one side of me and thought I was like them, but to others I was just the opposite.

“It was time to accept myself as I truly am. I’m so tired of living a double life.”

Clem’s fellow Disneyland light bulbs, red and white, have been supportive.

Mostly positive reaction

“To be honest, we’ve always known he was bi-chromal,” says Edna, a red light bulb a short distance from Clem. “We’re just glad he can finally admit it to himself.”

Uncle Walt’s Insider reached out to light bulbs at Florida’s Magic Kingdom for their reaction, but only one was willing to talk to us, off the record. His very brief response?

“Pfft. California.”

*Not his real name; it’s actually Herbert.

Are any of our home light bulbs secretly red and white, we wonder? Comment below!

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Cover photo: Color-fluid light bulb at Disneyland. Photo by Marty; used without permission.