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12 annoying things people do at Disney Parks


6. They won’t trade pins – I know that the cast members have to trade, and sometimes they’ve got cool stuff, but I’m talking about other guests. It really ought to be a rule that guests have to trade with me, too. I’m still pretty peeved about this one guy who wouldn’t take my stupid Pooh-smelling-a-flower pin in exchange for that awesome pewter-and-enamel pin of the Partners Statue in front of the castle.

5. That one CM who yells at you not to sit on the rails – Yeah, I’m talking to you, Patrick from Tampa.

4. Parents who ask if their kids can stand in front of you at the parades – Man, this always happens to me, and I’m not sure why. I try to show up a good five or six minutes before a parade starts and push my way to the edge of the street so I can get a good view. And then, like clockwork, I’ll hear “you’re blocking my kid’s view” or “we were here first.” Or “can they at least stand in front of you?” Sigh. Some people.

3. Guests who get annoyed when you curse – These are often the same people from #4.

2. Everyone crowds into the parks on holidays – So this one year, I go to the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. I’m thinking, hey, everybody is going to be at home, opening presents, having turkey, whatever, so I should have the park practically to myself, right? Instead, it was like wall-to-wall people! Maybe I shouldn’t have posted about it on Facebook and given them the idea.

1. My buddy Steve – Man, that guy’s annoying. He just will not shut up. I really don’t know why I go on these vacations with him.

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