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(Step)Moms Panel: Should a former Bernie voter support Biden?

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Ub (still):

Often, I find myself preferring the attractions in Florida over those in California. For instance, Splash Mountain is longer and I find it has a better sound quality in Florida – though thanks to an engineering mistake the final drop in California is much steeper than was originally intended, which makes it more thrilling. I also find that the queue lines in Florida are usually much more interesting, although Soarin’ is certainly an exception, where in California you enter a hanger, and in Florida it just doesn’t really make much sense until you get past the FastPass merge point.

While I do enjoy Tower of Terror at Disneyland, when they were both themed to The Twilight Zone, the Florida Tower definitely took the cake with unpredictable drops and your elevator moving in several more directions than it does at Disneyland. In fact, when Disney approached Otis Elevator Company to help design the attraction, I believe their official response was, “You want us to do what with the what-what, and then WHAT?” I was certainly apprehensive, but re-theming California’s tower to Guardians of the Galaxy was a vast improvement.
But when it comes to an attraction being better in California than in Florida, the second-place winner is definitely Pirates of the Caribbean, with more time spent in the attraction, more scenes, and overall a better storyline.

But the pièce de résistance? For sure, while Fantasmic! is a neat show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, it doesn’t even compare to the nighttime spectalular at Disneyland, where the scenes seem to pull together better, and there’s a certain plus to the fact that several elements in the show are accessible to guests as attractions during the day.

I don’t know if that answers your question, but I hope it helps you to better organize your thoughts on the matter.

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