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Chaos at the first (and last) ever Magic Kingdom Balloon Festival. Photo by ErikAggie [CC0] via Pixabay &

Chaos reigns at first Magic Kingdom Balloon Festival

It seemed like a good idea on paper. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL --The so-called "First Annual Magic Kingdom Royal Balloon Festival" is likely to be the last. The Magic Kingdom is still recovering from yesterday's debacle, where over 500 hot air balloons and their crews were added to the already heavy June crowds. "Not pretty" "We really didn't think this one through," says Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation). "It was not pretty. Someone in middle management had been to the Albuquerque Balloon ... Read more
News Brief: early Characters in Flight design.

Revealed: Characters in Flight first draft used catapult

Admit it: this would have been a lot more fun. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- "Characters in Flight," the popular Disney Springs attraction that takes guests 14,500 feet in the air while strapped to the underside of a giant, colorful hydrogen balloon, looked very different during its planning stages. Internal documents from Aerophile S.A., the French company which designed and built the attraction, have been uncovered by Uncle Walt's Insider, and show that the early drafts of the ride featured a trebuchet ... Read more