Terrible things tourists have done at Disney parks

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Terrible things tourists have done at Disney parks

Post by hobie16 » Sun Mar 21, 2021 4:06 pm

Terrible things tourists have done at Disney parks

After a video of a group of people getting into a physical altercation at Disneyland's Toontown went viral on July 7, 2019, (the fight took place the day before), Anaheim police opened an investigation into the matter. In the video, those involved can be seen yelling at each other and throwing punches.

"APD is aware of a video going viral of a fight inside @Disneyland on Saturday," the police department tweeted. "We responded to investigate. All parties were from the same family and were uncooperative. A report was taken. There was no video at the time. Now that we have video, the investigation can continue."

One person in the video, Avery Robinson, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail. Robinson's two other family members seen in the video failed to make an appearance at the court, according to Deadline.
A woman was accused of punching a Disney employee because she wanted a FastPass to the Tower of Terror. After realizing her group didn't have FastPasses to ride the Tower of Terror at Disney World, a Chicago woman got physical with a park employee, according to a sheriff's report seen by the Orlando Sentinel. On July 13, 2019, according to the report, the woman punched a 23-year-old employee in the face and pressed the buttons on the employee's podium.

The unidentified woman and her group left, but security found them and banned the woman from the park for life. The employee reportedly decided to not press charges and declined medical treatment.
In September 2019, an unidentified Swiss tourist reportedly fell into a lake at Disneyland Paris after he took LSD. When he didn't resurface, his girlfriend turned to park staff who launched a manhunt for the 32-year-old engineer. The search included 10 police officers, 30 firefighters, 80 Disneyland employees, a helicopter, and a thermal camera, according to The Washington Post. But there was no sign of the man all night long.

Early the following morning, a driver came across a naked man walking along the road of a nearby town. The driver returned the man to Disneyland Paris, where he was identified as the missing person. The man and his girlfriend were arrested for narcotics use but were eventually let go with a citation, according to Le Parisien.
A couple held someone else's luggage hostage at a Disney resort after their Hello Kitty toothbrush broke.


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Re: Terrible things tourists have done at Disney parks

Post by felinefan » Fri Apr 09, 2021 11:36 pm

People are getting crazier all the time.

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