Wish me luck

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Wish me luck

Post by KingsIslander » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:52 pm

We have three levels of season pass: Regular (we usually call them "blue passes"), Gold, and Platinum. In the past, all three were valid for the Halloween events in the fall. This year, only Gold and Platinum passes are valid through the end of the season. The regular/blue passes were only valid through labor day. People are NOT going to be happy about this. We already have had many people get upset with us when we told them about it (a few weeks before Labor Day we started reminding them about this). I can't wait to see the line at Guest Services, because this is a corporate thing that we are not allowed to make exceptions for. Also, it's stated on the website and on the price list when you buy passes at the park. Unlike Disney, we don't have blackout dates, so most of the passholders are used to just showing up whenever they please. The big issue that we're going to run into is the geniuses that decided to save $5 (before gold goes away, the price difference between regular and gold is only $5) and buy gold for themselves so they'd have parking, but only bought regular for the kids. They're going to try to get into the park and get our new favorite error message: "Ticket Not Valid Today (CAL)". I'm working at the front gate for the first full day of Haunt, so wish me luck, because I think I'm going to get screamed at a lot.

Side note: Picture Does Not Match
Is it that difficult of a concept that you can't use someone else's pass? We don't do the biometrics like Disney, but we do take season pass pictures. When we scan their pass, we get a message to "Please Validate Ticket Holder Picture" and have two options: "Picture Matches" and "Picture Does Not Match". Guess which one we're going to hit if the picture doesn't match the passholder! "Well, my wife has mine!" Okay, then go get a forgot pass ticket. Do they really think we'll believe that? Oh, and most of the guests don't think we check the pictures, which we do. I love making people upset when they try to use someone else's pass for parking. It really brightens my day. "THANKS FOR BEING A JERK!" "You too, sir!"

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