What part of "you didn't pay for it" don't you understand?

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What part of "you didn't pay for it" don't you understand?

Post by KingsIslander » Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:07 pm

Oh, I have a new least favorite phrase, and that phrase is "layaway hold". In our system, that means that the guest purchased a "buy now, pay later" pass, where they can buy and print the voucher in December and on, and they'll be charged for them April 1 (no, there's really not an advantage to this, as we open at the end of April, and the prices don't go up). This is usually okay, unless their payment was rejected in April. This happens if their credit card was cancelled, declined, or if they disputed the charges. We try to contact the guests six times when this happens.

If we try to process a season pass that is on layaway hold, the computer won't allow it, and tell us that the ticket status isn't valid. The guests really, really don't like this. Their only option is calling our call center so they can process the payment or having a supervisor process it. Unfortunately, the guests typically REFUSE to believe that their passes were never paid for. It's one of those situations where, yes, I can get my supervisor, but they're not going to tell you anything different from what I did. They weren't paid for, end of story. Yes, I know you have the pass voucher, but that doesn't mean it was paid for.

Overall today, 7 guests threatened to sue the park, 4 stomped out saying they'd never come back (good!), and 1 personally threatened me (yeah, security had a nice chat with him). So yeah... I'm not a big fan of these layaway passes.

(Sorry this is kinda long, but I really needed to vent... :D :)

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Re: What part of "you didn't pay for it" don't you understand?

Post by hobie16 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:28 pm

And if you did let them in they'd call their credit card company to dispute the charges. ;)


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