Craziness Of "Frozen"

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Re: Craziness Of "Frozen"

Post by Goofyernmost » Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:06 am

DLRFantasmic!Dan wrote:Just the other day while I was waiting for Anna and Elsa (YEs, I am crazy! Don't judge me, :D), I saw a girl crying because she didn't get to meet Anna and Elsa because they close the line early at 1 P.M. Later, I saw the same girl, who was crying earlier, in the front of the line mixed with a Hispanic family. When the family went inside, so did she. I told the Lead about it and told me that they will keep an eye on her. So, the Lead went over to the girl took her out of line. Again, the little girl cried and the mother took the girl and left. As they were leaving, the mother gave the CM the middle finger. Real classy. I am shocked what the mother was trying to teach her daughter. I am disappointed in society,
Get used to it. It is the behavior of the millennium! :old: :Carl:

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Re: Craziness Of "Frozen"

Post by PatchOBlack » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:04 pm

Now that I have finally seen Frozen, I can honestly say...I liked it quite a bit, and can see why some folks would be huge fans of it. Of course, we must remember that the word "fan" in this case derives from the word "fanatic", and thus some people would abandon any common sense they might have possessed and start acting like rude idiots. Or perhaps it isn't an act. Now, while waiting hours to meet someone that we know, deep down, is just someone portraying a beloved character may seem outrageous, I don't have a problem with that. Hey, if that's what is important to them, and they don't mind missing other things, that's their business. It is when they feel they have a (Insert deity of choice here)-given right to see said character RIGHT NOW, then that isn't alright.

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