Where's the restroom??

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Where's the restroom??

Post by StupidGuestTricks Yahoo » Thu Jan 30, 2003 8:05 pm

From: qtnsocali68 <qtnsocali68@y...>
Date: Thu Jul 11, 2002 4:17am
Subject: Where's the restroom??

Hey everyone, Hows it going? Good I hope.. I was bussin over at Taste
Pilots Grill yesterday when this lady came up to me and asked
me "Where's the restrooms? " and I showed her where they were and she
said " Am I gonna get lost, my family is at the train eating ice
cream and i don't want to get lost." I told her no you shouldn't get
lost the restrooms are right there and i pointed to them and the
train is right there as i pointed in that direction. She really
thought she was gonna get lost LOL .... Now I was thinking to myself
lady if u cant remember that you walked 150 - 200 yards west just go
back 150 -200 yards east u can't miss the train LOL... Some people.
Now that was kind of a stupid guest move wouldnt you say so LOL...
Take Care everyone hope to hear more stupid stories LOL...

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