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From: m0nkeyfire1 <m0nkeyfire@a...>
Date: Tue Jul 9, 2002 8:58pm
Subject: Hey

Hey "group"
I found this card inside one of my napkin dispensers on ice cream
18.... Thought I would go take a look. As of right now I only have
one story and it's not a very good one but I'll share it and keep
myself open to new guest tricks that might occur this summer. So I am
on an ice cream cart over by the monorail entrance when this guest
come up to me and asked what I am selling ... well thinking that
maybe he just didn't see the gigantic ice cream display right above
his face I told him ... ice cream ... he then precedes to ask what
kind as he fumbles around inside of my cart. Telling him that there
is a display i point to it and he looks behind him ... as if i am
pointing past the 6 ice creams at eye level right in front of him. i
then say no sir right here and point again this time taping it with
my finger he then turns around completely and does the hand visor to
block the sun thing over his eyes and says ... and i quote ..."Where"
this is too much for me so I walk out from behind my cart stand next
to him and stare at him as I point to the sign. What he uttered next
will haunt my dreams forever...."oh! If it had been a snake, it would
of bit me" so that's my story.. hopefully you found this story as
funny as i thought it was when it happend to me.

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