If you don't believe in Murphy's Law, you will now!

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If you don't believe in Murphy's Law, you will now!

Post by StupidGuestTricks Yahoo » Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:59 pm

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Date: Wed Jun 26, 2002 2:47am
Subject: If you don't believe in Murphy's Law, you will now!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This isn't really a Stupid Guest Trick Per-se. But is definitely noteworthy.
Today everything went wrong. Well, not everything but a big thing. When I got to work at The Train, I got my fund together and was about to place it in the drawer when every computer from Burr-Bank to Engine-Ears decided to crash!
Nobody really knew what to do so the lead said just give the ice cream to them for FREE. We were doing this for about 15 minutes before we could shut the doors and get everybody out. Guests were actually trying to pay after we told them it was on the house. Now we were asking Guests to keep quiet about this but I don't think it worked. Some guests were opening the doors to get in and many made it. Free ice cream any one? We finally got guards posted at the doors to keep people out. That gave us time to regroup and figure out what to do. Hmm?? Do you wonder what the money hungry managers decide to do.
"Here's a pen, paper, and a price list. Hop to it." Yes, that's right we were doing it the old fashioned way. Forming teams of two we wrote down the orders on paper to keep track of them and a calculator to add things up. What about tax you might add? (sorry bad pun) Well I had the bright idea to figure out the total of each item with tax ahead of time so I didn't have to figure things out in front of guests. at least I got to save some face. This went on for about an hour till we finally got the computers up and running again.
Thank God for small favors. Not to mention the fact that one of the waffle irons decided to burn cones filling the room with smoke and my breaks getting screwed up. I hope Engine-Ears had better luck.

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