Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Stupid Guest Tricks. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. No Spamming!

    1. We consider spam to be repetitive posts, posting links in the forum that’s not allowed (Porn, Unrelated Advertising, etc.), and maliciously filling up the forum with derogatory comments and ridiculously stupid posts that don't relate to the site. #
  2. No Flame Wars/Fighting!

    1. Unlike other forums out there, flame wars or fighting among users will not be tolerated. Conduct yourself in a civil manner. If you cannot do that then you are not welcome here. If threads degrade into flame wars, they will be locked, and the instigator may be banned. #
  3. No personal attacks!

    1. Attack the message, not the messenger. If you have a problem with a particular post, don’t make personal attacks against the poster. Instead, state in a civil manner what your disagreement with the post is. Personal attacks of any kind are not allowed. #
  4. Profanity!

    1. Although we don't mind if profanity is used, we ask that it be not used excessively. Profanity used as an attack on another person is not allowed. #
  5. No Group Attacks!

    1. Remember that although this forum is here to post humorous stories of guests and cast members leaving their common sense at home, this forum is not meant for the bashing of any group of individuals, including guests. Posting individual accounts of stupid guest interactions is different than stating that “All APs are idiots”. Please do not categorize any groups of people in this manner. #
  6. Adhere to Company Policy!

    1. Do not use this site as a means to break any company policies for the theme park you work for. This includes the selling or trading of sign-ins, comp passes, free meals, etc. Doing so will not only put your career in jeopardy, but this site as well. #
  7. Privacy/Anonymity!

    1. Identity is very important here. In the interest of protecting the privacy of other Cast Members (current or former) we ask that when referring to them in a post you use only their first name (real, or whatever is on their nametag). The exception to this is when referring to Cast Members whose names are already widely known or in mainstream media (for example, Matt Ouimet, Michael Eisner, Wally Boag, Rod Miller, etc.) it is all right to use the full name. Do not assume that since you know someone personally, that they will not mind their name being placed in an open forum such as this. #
  8. No Personal Conversations!

    1. Do not conduct personal conversations with other members via the public forums. Either contact a person via personal email, or through the PM feature of this website and conduct the conversation using one of those methods. #
  9. Linking to!

    1. When linking to in general, please link to the main page. If you would like to link to a specific thread, that is fine but be aware that a lot of threads cannot be viewed by unregistered users. Please do not link directly to any single file on the website (including, but not limited to, photos and videos). Linking directly to files uses up bandwidth that should instead be used by our members. #
  10. Administrator/Moderator Decisions!

    1. Consider all moderator's decisions as final. If any posts are locked, deleted or edited for any reason do not post simply to discuss the issue. For example if a flame war breaks out in your topic because a debate is a touchy subject and the topic is locked, its locked for a reason. Please don't rehash it. Additionally, don't make a post disrespecting the moderator that locks, or edits your post or thread. If you would like, take it up with the moderator via PM, but keep your conversation civil. #